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humannomore [userpic]

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August 30th, 2012 (03:16 pm)

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humannomore [userpic]

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April 19th, 2011 (12:37 am)

They'd been together a few weeks, he could honestly say he'd never been this happy before. Right now he was watching her sleep, on her stomach, her face towards him, cheek against the pillow. Never had he seen a more radiant and beautiful woman in all his life. He wanted to spend his life with her. And he would do whatever it took to make that happen.

She was so beautiful and serene, laying there peacefully like an angel. They'd hunted together, ran together, hey did everything together and he was falling more and more in love with her. Laying on his side next to her, his cheek in his hand, elbow against his pillow. Reaching his other hand back he grabbed a flower that was in the vase by the bed. Tilting his head he lightly drug the flower petals over his back, holding onto the end of the stem.

Deacon watched the way she reacted and smiled. Slowly he drug it back down her body, teasing the small of her back before moving it over the gentle swell of her ass, still reddened from his hand. The woman had gotten insatiable and often asked him to get a little rough, which he all too willingly obliged.

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June 27th, 2007 (07:57 pm)

He missed her, it was that simple. The long hours at the hospital didn't change that fact or make it go away. Adam missed Selene, he needed her. So after getting off of work he went home, showered, dressed in a tux and called a limo service. earlier that day he'd made a few arrangements. At her hotel a dress was delivered, something she'd like. A simple note saying wear me and be waiting for me at eight. Inside the box with the dress was a blindfold, she was to wear that too.

Adam had everything planned out, he was going to take her out for the most romantic night of her life and if he was lucky she'd forget all of her problems, for at least a little while.

humannomore [userpic]

(no subject)

March 15th, 2007 (01:40 pm)

They got home, they didn't need to get bottles, his liquor cabinet was full due to him and Logan shopping the other day. He was sitting on the couch watching hockey and Adam plopped down beside him.

While Selene was taking her shoes off he told Logan what he had in mind, giving her what she wanted. Didn't bother him as long as he and Logan didn't have to do anything but touch her, make her feel good and in turn please themselves. The look on Logan's face said it all.

"Baby, What's taking so long?"

she'd drank damn near half a bottle on the way home and she was fairly drunk. He couldn't help but chuckle.

"Man, she's three sheets to the wind."

That made Logan laugh a bit and got a bit of a glint in his eye.

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(no subject)

February 5th, 2007 (11:01 pm)

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humannomore [userpic]

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November 29th, 2006 (05:33 pm)

Adam hadn't really been one for the holidays, he had to suddenly go out of town, an emergency came up with the company. He'd gotten her message though and smiled. Later that night he called her back and left a message on her voice mail that he was coming back from New York the next day and he was sorry he hadn't called.

He'd been back for a few hours and felt the need to get out on let his more primal side run free. Turning into his other form he took off and into the woods. He climbed from tree to tree before stopping and howling. It wasn't about hunger, it was just about the freedom of it. Looking down over the busy city he tilted his head.

Idolly he wondered if his girl was out hunting tonight. Taking off running again he reached the Hollywood sign and howled again, grinning when he heard other animals join in.

humannomore [userpic]

Following his story for tenebrae_nostro

October 13th, 2006 (10:00 pm)

He had a romantic meal all spread out, a fire roaring. Every single enticing food he could think of spread out like a picnic in front of it, music and candles. He was dressed in a pair of low slung jeans and no shirt, waiting for her.

He'd called her earlier and asked her to come over.

humannomore [userpic]

Following his story for tenebrae_nostro

September 29th, 2006 (09:55 am)

He was dressed and ready, nice shirt, worn jeans, shades, nothing like the way he looked the night before. Getting to her place he rang the bell and waited, hoping he wasn't too early.

He could have been cliche and gotten her a dozen roses, but instead he'd brought her a single white lily. As he waited there he looked around the neighborhood and smiled at an elderly woman walking her dog. He couldn't help but wonder what she'd be wearing today, how she'd look.

humannomore [userpic]

Following his Vegas plot

September 25th, 2006 (10:17 pm)

Nothing was more intoxicating than the scent of tears and fear. Her moans the hours before of unbridled pleasure and passion were a stark contrast to the pathetic whimpers she was making now. I thrived on it, don't know which noises are sexier.

The night before flashes in my mind. I took her so deep and rough, then made slow love to her. Though the entire time I was picturing Selene. Think it may have irritated her when I called her that name, or maybe bitch irritated her more. Oh well, not my problem.

Thinking about it put me in the mood again. Walking from the bathroom over to her with no clothes on I grinned down at her, dragging a finger along her foot. She'd started trying to lock up on me after the pleasure turned to pain so I'd been forced to tie her feet.

Looking into her eyes I licked a trail from her ankle upwards, over her naked thigh. Her body began to betray her, I could smell her arousal. The fire in her eyes a testimony to to her loathing of me. Slowly I drug my tongue between her hot, wet folds, tasting her nectar and growled lowly. All I could think is how much better Selene was going to taste, how much louder she'd scream, how beautifully she'd beg.

I tasted her through two of her releases, til she begged my to stop. That was when I bit her inner thigh, my fanged canines digging into the flesh. Her blood caressed my tongue and slid down my throat, such delicious nectar.

My eyes opened, locking on hers, my iris's a now demonic glow. I lapped at the gushing wound and hitched her leg over my shoulder as I tempted to quench my undying thirst. I moved my mouth and nipped near her heavenly center, enough to draw blood.

Once nearly satiated I quickly maneuvered, the ball of my foot against the beg, her leg held in my hand, hitched over my hip and plunged into her delicious warmth. Exquisite, the feel of her blood coating my shaft as it plunged back inside of her after every withdraw.

My fingers curled in her hair, and I jerked her up, licking at her lips, making her taste her blood. She was scared out of her mind, as well she should be. My good looks had been enough to draw her in and seal her fate. Her shallowness would be her undoing, such a pity, she'd make a fine Lycan.

I growled and poured inside of her, shaking with the force of it. Pulling back I hissed, looking down to see my shaft coated in her blood. As a nice measure I made her lick my clean, all the while she cried. This one I'd keep alive for a while. Made me only wish I had Selene, she could take more than these pathetic bitches.

Leaving her on the bed I lit a cigarette and leaned in the window, looking out at the moon above. Damn how I wish it was full.

humannomore [userpic]

Following his story for Vegas.

September 20th, 2006 (10:26 pm)

I saw her today. Surprisingly she had a baby with her, wonder if it's Michael's. Kinda looked like him. Couldn't wait to see his face when he found out that I had his girl. Damn that was gonna be priceless. He's gonna regret coming to the hospital and getting me involved in any of this at all.

I could still smell her and I doubt she realized I swiped a scrap of material from what she was wearing as I left. Those claws came in really handy. It'd only look like a simple tear in her clothes.

Holding the material in my hand I sniff it and growl lowly. Damn if she wasn't gonna be a sweet one to break. Then the bitch I had chained to the bed started crying. She had been a sweet one. Women were so stupid, they'd sleep with the first pretty face that came along. This one looked a little like Selene. Slightly gothic, long dark black hair. The only thing that threw her off was the few piercings she had. But I'd taken care of those once I convinced the bitch to let me tie her up. Her screams had been so satisfying.

I pounded into her for a good hour. She deserved it, coming back to the home of a man she didn't even know after talking to him for all of fifteen minutes. After I'd fucked her the real fun began. My claws cut ribbons into her flesh and I licked at the heavenly flow there. I'd decided it best to keep her alive though, in case I got horny again or hungry.

Sitting at the window naked, smoking a cigarette I watched as the horizon seemed to swallow the sun. Her crying was getting me hard again, maybe she needed her demons drilled out of her. The terror in her eyes only made me want to release as I came closer to the bed. The cigarette in my fingers dropping ashes over her stomach until I lay over her.

Oh it would be a long night for this little bitch. Some of it she'd enjoy, most of it she wouldn't.

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